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AG ASSETS is a Full Service Real Estate Company, with a forefront in Commercial Real Estate, Investments, Asset Management, and Residential Real Estate. Bringing over 12 years of experience in the UAE we pride ourselves in providing our clients with exceptional solutions to all their Real Estate needs.

Along with our partners, we offer a fully integrated service across several business lines, ranging from sales and leasing, mortgage solutions, to legal and transactional advice, to full business solutions, fit out services and even economic citizenship. Our existing relationships and our synergy with our affiliates ensure that we are fully in touch with the mark

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There are thousands of agencies and even more agents in the UAE, new agencies are popping up at force speed in an attempt “to get the listings”, “close the deals” and “make the commission”, much of which have no real care or interest in the actual clients.

What makes AG ASSETS different, is that we spotted a need in the market for a level of service that has never been offered before. Our methodology is simply to understand the clients wants, needs, and design a work program for them while providing KPI’s along the way. Our clients hire us on contract with a retainer with either a reduced commission or in some cases no commission at all. Our clients have a dedicated Real Estate Consultant who caters to their every needs and gets the job done, from sourcing F&B outlets, Retail Locations, Offices, homes, and even the real estate process for the Golden Visa.

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The Real Estate

Market Post Pandemic

As Dubai’s economy continues its recovery post the covid pandemic, commercial real estate prices in most areas of the emirate have now moved past the bottom of the cycle. We understand the importance of real estate in driving business profitability and investment return. We are witnessing increased enquiries from both prospective owner’s, occupiers and investors to buy and lease commercial real estate, and we pride ourselves on finding the ideal space for our clients.

The residential market on the other hand, has been booming post pandemic and will continue to do so, at AG ASSETS REAL ESTATE, we assist buyers in this process and consult them every step of the way.

We pride ourself on exclusive and new listings for our Clients to have access to on a regular basis. 


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AG ASSETS houses its media arm with AG MEDIA, providing unparalleled media expertise covering business, lifestyle, corporate, trade, fashion and real estate on an online broadcast TV show giving guests the opportunity to maximize content and visibility for their brand. Having over 20 years in the radio and television industry, we have what it takes to go above and beyond for our clientele. We also provide Event hosting, PR campaigns, voiceovers, and appearances. 

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